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Curated Responses to June

June 11.jpg

We view the work we make as an exchange with the audience, the start of a conversation that we hope to continue after the house lights come up. As coverage of the arts has diminished in Australia in recent years, we are interested in exploring new ways of promoting critical discourse and analysis of the works on our stages. With this intent, we have invited two playwrights we greatly admire, Emilie Collyer and Bridget Mackey, to respond to our new project June. These are not "reviews" in a conventional sense, but rather critical writing aimed at helping us and our audience reflect more deeply on the experience of seeing June, and exploring what it meant to the writers as practising artists themselves. These pieces are best read after having seen the production. We hope they provoke further response within you, and encourage you to continue the conversation online. 

Read 'June Invites' by Emilie Collyer.

Read 'A Response to June' by Bridget Mackey

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